Samsung Galaxy S III Bootloader Unlocked by XDA Developers – Video Included

samsung galaxy s iii bootloader unlocked by xda developersSamsung Galaxy S III already had a Developer Edition for Verizon for folks who can’t get enough of just one ROM, they want to try any and everything a smartphone with so much power can do. The developer edition costs$600 and it is like breaking the contract becuase God knows what you would do once the phone is unlocked.

However, to ease your wallet, guys at Xda Developers have successfully unlocked the bootloader and now they can use their crazy (and mind boggling) developement skills to dish out new Custom ROMs and kernels and pump up this gadget a bit more.

They have inlucluded a step by step procedure and video demostrating the process. You need to check it out if you want to test some new ROMs on your device. However, bear in mind that playing with ROMs is not a childs play, if something goes wrong, your device may brick. So, proceed with caution and give a lot of thanks to your pals at XDA Developers.

Also, you might have guessed it by the image shown above that the process currently works on Linux and Mac OS X only, it is not for Windows. Although, you can try to do it because there are some ways, but it recommended to follow the book when you have a great device at risk.

I am embedding the video here but you can check it out on their forum as well. Its up to you. Happy unlocking friends.

Many thanks to Adam Outler and François Simond.

Inception: XDA Developer

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